Serial console (Debug tool)

Hello, I’m reading this: and was wandering what is and where could I get the “serial debugging tool” and if there’s a list of compatible usb ttl uart device/converter. Mainly if it is 5v or 3v?


Hello, I assume most will work, providing they can communicate at the buadrate required by the VIM3. The 3v and 5v pins of the converter will not be used, converter power supplied by USB. Only GND, RX and TX connections required.

These tools are available all over places like eBay, Aliexpress, Amazon, etc.
I will post the chip used in my converter when I get to the tech, will be couple of hours.

@manuel-arguelles The one I use has a CH340G chip, works well. I have another that uses an older Prolific chip, but it did not support higher baud rates needed for the Edge SBCs, so I picked up the one with the CH340G chip.

@manuel-arguelles just a small tip,

if you have any Arduino or some other small microcontroller board, that has a a UART programmer onboard, you can use that, and a blank program to make it as a pass through debugger, and sometimes these Arduino compatible boards are about the same price as the serial debugger themselves, and can do the job fine…, :slightly_smiling_face: