Self adaptive refresh rate switching

Hi, had a look on the forums and could not find the answer I’m looking for. I’m interested in the vim2 however could someone tell me if this unit has adaptive refresh rate switching like the minix. In settings, display then it will say off, level 1, level 2.


Hi, Rob2017:
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Ok, no answers yet. Gouwa will a vpn work if downloaded from the playstore? I assume it will. If it does I place a order tonight. Thanks

Yep, actualy the playstore will work if Google services, i.e. Google Search, works on your country.

Unfortunately I don’t think the auto refresh rate switching works for any s905x box (not inside Android apps). Maybe in Kodi? But no it isn’t like the MiniX boxes.

As far as I remember, there are NO s905x boxes that can do it. However, I see you are interested in the VIM2, but I am unsure if any s912 box makers have or plan to add that feature. It is the ONE feature in my opinion, would be a deal sealer for a lot of folks to get on board.

Hi, thanks for the reply. I have a minix u9-h it has Amlogic S912. Soon as I stream it will automatically switch to 24hz or 60hz or as needed. Anyway I placed an order for the vim 2 a few days ago and I’ll see how it compares. I think the support for this product is going to be great.

I’ve ordered the vim 2 and I’ll see how it will compare. One last question do you know if the vim 1 fan cooler and top cover plate will fit the vim 2?

When I streamed a movie I had slight stutters etc. I went into settings clicked on Playback settings and turned HDMI self-adaption. Now everything plays super smooth.

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