Seeking Insightful Information on Khadas Edge 2

Hello Khadas community,

I want to make high end PC and I am interested in using the Khadas Edge 2 but don’t have much information about its features, capabilities, and best practices for integration.

Could anyone familiar with the Khadas Edge 2 share insights on its hardware specifications, software support, community resources, and any tips or recommendations for getting started with development or usage?

I am particularly interested in its performance for specific tasks like AI inference, multimedia processing, or IoT applications. Any firsthand experiences or pointers to comprehensive guides and tutorials would be greatly appreciated.

I also checked out this but couldn’t find any query related to my topic.

Thank you in advance for your help!


Hello @jamesbolt
Maybe it can help you

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Hey Mates,

Thank you for sharing all this guides. I have watched the youtube videos and gone through the guide ( it really helps me alot.


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