See my DIY Box, screw combinations

When I want to create this new topic here for my DIY box Khadas VIM, i can’t find which it need to belongs.
Neither technology support nor source codes, just for fun. To all Khadas Members, cheer up! :smirk_cat:

Found it quite interesting on different combination of screws when making up different kinds of screws in stock.

If I have made you smile for a while, please help me leave a word to ask Gouwa not punish me as it may be not allowed. I would like to arrange these free screws to you if you like :family_men_girls:
:crying_cat_face:Fee of freight is only 1USD by post office and maybe you need to bear.
sorry I dont have too much money to arrange shipment for too many people. Message me your address.

How to use these screws X 4pcs/set?
I have try quite some times on different combinations and found the one I think is the best interesting, like a table, or a tiny smart lady:princess:, the black ring is the bright spot.:smirk_cat, like the foot of horse?
and if I have screws enough, I can make it a building!


Not sure I need the flood protection afforded by the mod’s elevation.:grin:

Though the added clearance would make it easier to hang a fan under the Vim.

If Willow is in trouble, I vote for a full pardon.:innocent:

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Great news.
I have ordered these screws.
Question. How can I pay ?
As will arrive, I will post a photo of possible variants of use.

Hi, all:
may I know why you need thus screws? In fact, this screws is design for our another product two years ago, rather than VIM. :slight_smile:

For VIM, the only reason I can thought is for clusters, so the screws can bundle many VIMs for a stonger VIM :smile:

In fact, we had a plan to design the screws for VIM in the future, but still thought that not so many users will need that for now. So, just let us know if you have more thoughts about that.


BTW: the top 10 active users in the forum can got one as free then :blush:

Curious, were the parts included with the display used with the Geekbox?

It is always good to have unusual parts around here, that’s why I put in my request.:grin:

But before using them on the Vim, in addition to Willow’s creative SkyVim, I’ll wait to see what balbes150 comes up with, he’s been known to modify a thing or two. :slight_smile:

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I want to place on the supplementary panel top - set of USB ports, additional ports of input\output, web camera, food, etc. (to move the top panel on from the main Board to place the radiators and fans). :slight_smile:

You had me until food.

What kind of food?

What for, to keep it warm?

Some rice on the heatsink would be ideal if you wanna watch TV shows together with your girl friend, the temperature will got the rice to Popcorn in a movie time:

How much distance above the top panel do you think will be ideal for the additional ports & food?

Yes, it’s exactly for Geekbox Display & MiniTV :grin:

I don’t know. I have a lot of plans. Add adapter USB-SATA to connect SSD drive (and mount it). To add an active USB hub (with active power) to supply power to the active hub, and take food for the VIM.

:laughing:[quote=“Gouwa, post:11, topic:343”]
Yes, it’s exactly for Geekbox Display & MiniTV

Thought it looked familiar. :slight_smile:

I will do further talking with our team, and push the screws designing for additional expandable including:

  • Clusters
  • Webcam
  • USB ports
  • food
  • others (kindly feedback to us)