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I’m facing this problem with shahid (streaming platform)

If there is anything i need to do :sob:



Hello @Almannaee

@goenjoy will help you then.

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Thanks so much waiting for your solution :pray:

I verify that this APK on the AMLOGIC platform is also unavailable for this prompt. I saw that many comments on Google Play are about this APK that it cannot be used on Android TV in 2020. It is not recommended to use this APK.

Stremio all the wey…

Thanks for your reply

This program is accredited and trusted because it is affiliated with the company MBC One of the strongest channels in the Middle East

What is strange is that this program works on the Xiaomi device and all smart TVs and is available on all phone stores, Google Play, Apple Store and Google TV. It even works on some weak devices such as Minix.

This is the correct one :point_up_2: