Security - Mind sends my password unencrypted

When I run Mind.exe on my new workstation Mind (i7) the application sends my password unencrypted to For what ? Is this normal ?

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Hello @cirelekrut

Which password you mentioned? The password of your windows system? Could you tell us how you find it send the password?


Hi numbqq,

i don’t know wich credentials are attempt to be send to to
My local security software (against hacks, malware, malicious and virus) send the alert and block the url.
I understand the need to connect but not the unencrypted (not SSL)

What do you think ? Is it normal ?

Thanks and br

Most of the “security software” is totally useless and could be a spying on you.
To see your password you would have to do packet capture on the ports and look at the header and payload.
You will need to post a screen shot of what you are seeing, seems like you might be describing an expired certificate.

Highly doubt the password is not encrypted, windows 11 ripped out smb1 protocol and it should not work even if your program is trying to connect using it.