SDR to HDR always active

hello I am a new VIM3 Pro user and installed Coreelec on my own to it.
SDR to HDR option was always active instead deactivated setting.
directly with first Khadas Boot logo and then with coreelec… always HDR.

So I formatted the EMMC and installed via USB-Burning-Tool VIM3_Pie_V210527 Android.
There was the SDR to HDR setting activated. I deactivated it and rebooted. But still HDR was active.

So please, how can I deactivate the SDR to HDR feature??? And how can I set it off in coreelec on EMMC??? I only wish HDR on HDR content.

SDR to HDR is only working as its should if I Flash the very old Firmware VIM3_Pie_V190809.
All newer Firmwares have it activated whole time, no matter if it’s deactivated in settings.

@telenova the current mechanism is that HDR is always enabled

Here’s a solution for CoreELEC: Khadas VIM3 Pro SDR to HDR fault - #9 by TheCoolest - Development & Testing - CoreELEC Forums

@jasonl I think you should reconsider your decisions. You could add a simple toggle in the settings, which can turn on HDR only when it’s actually required.
Nobody wants to have

  1. HDR always on.
  2. SDR to HDR always enabled.

I think this is not a correct normal state, the normal state should be in SDR.:wink:

I’ll deal with this problem later

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Sorry to be able to deal with HDR problem now. you can try to enter the following command on the uboot command line
kvim3#setenv hdr_policy 1
then reboot your device to check if deactivate the SDR to HDR feature