SDL2 application without GNOME with native drivers support

Which system do you use? Android, Ubuntu, OOWOW or others?

vim1s-ubuntu-22.04-server-linux-5.4-fenix-1.5-230425.img on VIM 1S

Good afternoon

We are developing an application using SDL2. It runs on the desktop version. But we don’t need GNOME.
So I am trying to run it on ubuntu server version. I installed Weston as a Wayland server.

After specifying SDL_VIDEODRIVER=wayland, the program gives the error “Couldn’t create window: Could not get EGL display”.

It was possible to start only if you activate xwayland in weston. But in this case, the performance is lower, since the drivers from Mesa are used, and not from Mali.

What can you advise to do to achieve the desired result without using the GNOME desktop?

Hello @Dmitriy_Vaganov , have you tried referring to this guide ?

Hello @Dmitriy_Vaganov

Maybe you need to rebuild the SDL with GBM support under server.