Sd card keeps popping out

I have been using my Vim3 for about 24 hours now, trying to get Yocto up and running on it. I am trying to get the device booting from the sd card. All was working well for a while, but now the card won’t stay in the slot and keeps popping out! This is a mechanical failure, which is really annoying! Is there anything I can do to solve it, or should I return the device?


Can you show of the image of the damaged sd card slot ?

Hey @Electr1

Thanks for responding, but I went for the low tech approach of removing the spring because I needed to get some work done on the board. All working fine now, but the sd card slot definitely looks damaged now :¬)

Hmm ok, do you know how it got damaged though?,
If you are descent at soldering get a spare SD card socket and try to replace it,
All the best :slight_smile:

Sorry, no idea how it got damaged. It was probably a manufacturing default as I had only be using it for about 2 hours before is wouldn’t stay in.
Happy to leave it as it is though, don’t want to risk replacing it with my soldering skills!