Screenshot issue

Hello! I’m playing video H.264 1080 p on VIM1. And I can’t take screenshot of it with screencap. I found that the reason is media.omx.display_mode=1 value in build.prop. If I delete this line, screencap works fine for video. But if I try playing 4K video and use screencap to take screenshot I get black screen on screenshot. Could you help me to solve issue with getting screenshot on 4K video?

Sorry for that. There are two layers for video play. One is OSD layer, other is Video layer.
The display will be on video layer when you play 4k video. At this time, you can’t get screenshot for the screen.
You can get screenshot only when you play the video on OSD layer.

Thanks for your answer. Is it possible to force playing 4K video on OSD layer instead of Video layer?

It’s impossible. :sweat_smile: