Screen Record at 60 FPS in Khadas

I am trying to record screen at 60 FPS but the maximum I am getting is 21 FPS does any one have any idea regarding the same.

Hello @jatankshirsagar

Could you tell us which system you used? And how you do this?

@numbqq : I am using vim 3 Basic

Hello @jatankshirsagar

Which system you used, android or ubuntu? And how you do this?

Hello @numbqq I am using android

@jatankshirsagar Please tell me the specific operation process. I have time to verify it according to your method.

What version of firmware are you using? Is there any 64 bit firmware verification?

yes I am using 64 bit firmware verification and I wish to create a screen recorder which can capture video at a 30 FPS rate