Screen flickering [VIDEO]

Anyone have screen flickering issue, my screen is flickering very violently over hdmi. I am running the latest ubuntu mate build. My monitor is: vx2270 viewsonic


The flickering can be seen but it is much more, also lines appear all over the screen.

Hi, ric96:
Can you kindly have a test with Android OS?

Its the same, specially if their is a white dialogue box and the background gets dark.

Can you kindly provide us following information:

  • The HDMI cable you used
  • The DC adapter you used

If you have another monitor, kindly have a test with that also. :slight_smile:


I used the HDMI cable provided with my monitor, I’ve used this cable on many devices and have had no such issues before.
I’ve tried it on a 5v3A charger, a Sony 5v2.1A and an Adafruit 5.1v4A adaptor. Same result every time.

I do not have any other monitor right now, but a few things that I have noticed.

It is maximum when there is good contrast on screen ie parts of the screen are very bright and parts of the screen are dark.

I thing is that it is due to some issue with non-hdr monitor not responding well to the hdr signals, I’ve noticed that the newer ubuntu image has buch deeper black so i am guessing hdr stuff is enabled.

Armbian images like the one that boots using the sdcard seem to work fine, since i guess they lack hdr stuff?

Maybe have a way to read the edid at boot and revert back to hdmi 1.4 if monitor without hdmi2.0m support is detected?

Thanks for the information.

I have no idea wether HDR setting cause this issue on your monitor, but I think you can take a try out on Android: Settings–>HDMI–>HDR

Anyway, a HDMI EDID printing log would be helpful for us to locate the issue, instructions to setup USB-to-TTL serial tool for your reference.

hmmm… the screen flicker is still present even with hdr set to off.
here is the log i get when pluging and un pluging the hdmi

UPDATE: tested the armbian sdcard image and libre elec image. both work fine without flicker. only ubuntu-mate and android have this issue

nougat image has no flicker

You aren’t the only one who has screen flickering on Ubuntu Mate, mine is connected through hdmi cable too.

I bought a new led monitor recently, on old monitor hdmi to vga cable was used to connect Vim, i did have other issues, but didn’t have flickering.

Hi, Tommy21:
Do you mean the screen flickering didn’t happen on your new led monitor?

No, this happens on my new monitor.