Screen drop out vim2

Hi, I have installed the latest Nougat update & as soon as I connect to wi fi I lose the screen with no signal available vim 2 appears to be still running as fan is still running any ideas?
ps I have re installed os & it still happens.

Which version ROM you installed?

You might upgraded VIM1 ROM to VIM2?

Have fun!

I installed VIM2_Nougat_V180619 I will install previous version & see if problem still persists.

Same problem with previous version now. I think their has been a problem with wifi from new it would always stop streaming videos after 20mins I installed a fan & heat sink to see if it was an overheating problem but that didn’t solve streaming problem. Now it looks like its a bin job or paper weight.

Hello, May want to insure that power supply is 2 amps or better or try a different one.

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Thanks I should have tried that first new power supply solved problem even though old one is the same one I always used obviously its failing & not putting out 2 amps anymore

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Does your issues get resolved now? So you have two issues now:

  • screen drop
  • WiFi / stop streaming

Am I right?

Yes, I have had a few power supplies that check OK on voltage when unloaded, but fail to produce rated current or voltage output under load.
Glad you got your VIM2 going. :slight_smile:

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My streaming problem is also solved. I don’t know if the power supply solved that as well or new version of android did.

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