Save an image of an existing khadas devic

I have a Khadas Vim2 device with ubuntu mate installed on it, i used this device for an embedded system where i did a lot of stuff on it that need months to redo on a brand new fresh khadas vim 2 device. so is there any way where i could take a snapshot of the existing image (that relies on the emmc) and flash it back on the new vim2 device?


Hello, balbes150 includes a script on most of his images, it is called DDBR. This will backup the eMMC. I have not used it to move a VIM2’s eMMC to another. I would think it should work, but not sure.
The backup made from DDBR is stored on the SD card that the Linux runs from. The backup is also restored from Linux running from the SD card.
For instructions on DDBR, see here, look for the section starting with the following text,
“Start creating a full backup of the entire contents of eMMC.”, though it would be a good idea to read the post from the beginning.
Hope it helps.


Thanks a lot RDFTKV for your fast reply, i will try to make it happen through out your answer then i will reply and feedback as soon as possible.