Samsung Remote control

Hey there,
First post and I failed to find this information somewhere else.
So I have a VIM, with the shipped Android.6.01.

I’ve realised, at some point, after pointing and using my TV remote control, that my Android responded pretty well.
And I was happy…

Few weeks later I noticed my Android was always off, when I turned my TV on, and I thought it was a sleep routine, or something like that. After paying more attention, I realised my VIM will go off, whenever I turn my TV off… But it won’t go “ON” when I turn my TV on…

So I would like my Khadas to ignore the Power button…

Any ideas on how to do that?

Hello, If you cover the face(block the IR receiver) of the VIM when using your TV’s remote, does it still shut down the VIM?
If yes, you may want to check CEC settings on both the VIM and your TV. You might want to disable CEC until you find the cause of your issue.

To check this setting on the VIM, go to Settings/HDMI CEC.
Check your TV manual on settings for CEC, EasyLink, etc.

Hope it works out.

Hey there, RDFTKV! Thanks for the quick response…
I was checking and my Marshmallow Khadas has no CEC settings at all…

But you’re completely right…
Disabling the HDMI-CEC on the TV, stops completely the control of the Android (arrow keys, etc, as well as the power).

So, apparently I need to give up on everything CEC can provide me, just because I don’t the Android to be turned off when I turn my TV off… And mostly because when the TV goes on, the Android won’t go on (which would be just fine)…

That’s very annoying…

So, now, I’ll try to see if I can find a way to make the Android to ignore the Power Off command that comes thru the CEC… surely it’s possible, not sure how time consuming this will be…

Thanks once again, mate!

Disabling CEC was just a test to exclude other possible causes. I was not suggesting leaving it disabled.

I don’t use CEC, and have little experience with it.
I would assume it is possible to do what you need.

I will check on the settings and return.

I have @superceleron’s ROM, SCV1A (‘Normal’ Android), installed on the VIM. It has CEC settings(screenshots below). I cannot recall if the settings are in the Khadas firmware.
His ROM also has an app with a CEC fix(if needed) and other display related features.
I cannot check it for function because my VIM is connected to PC monitor without CEC features.
If considering superceleron’s ROM, carefully read his post.

Awesome… I’ll check that!

For some reason my config interface is the “pure Android” one, not the one from his screenshots.
I’m trying to find out if I can access this interface, maybe the HDMI-CEC is there, I just can’t access because my interface being the “pure android” one won’t allow me to access these feature configs.

Thanks a lot mate! I’ll read Superceleron’s topic.

Yes, been a while since I saw the settings in Khadas VIM firmware, so don’t recall.
But hopefully, one way or the other, a solution is possible. :slight_smile:

As you will see, superceleron’s ROMs have lots of goodies, both on the surface and under the hood.