S922x Based Boards

Hi Khadas team - hope you had a great new year!

Have you got any plans to release a board based on the S922x? The chips look really interesting and capable! Im thinking about my next miner project :slight_smile:

thank you


Hi Birty:
Yes, VIM3 will support S905D2, S922X and more SoCs.

Good day!


Excellent news - really impressed with my VIM2’s BTW - have had them running at full power 24x7 for a month and a half now with zero issues / reboots etc. Very good for mining and have been getting lots of coins :slight_smile:


there will be big differences with the RK3399 and the new S905D2 etc.

not really comparable benchmarks but some info here

but reason im looking forward to S922x is that it has 4 A73 cores and 2 A53 cores that clock to 1.8 and 1.9ghz respectively. Interested to see what the actual core clocks are under load but it should be a great chip

Fabulous! I can’t wait to check one of the boards with S922 or S902X out! :wink:

Hi Gouwa
That’s good news!
When do you plan to release Vim3?
Thank you.

I would also like to know the date of the same, not to compromise with another!

Another question the same DVB-S card used for Vim and Vim2 will also work on Vim3.

The same will have official support from Coreelec which is offering the best support we’ve ever seen on the forum.
of Libreelec we are tired.

Vim plans to launch a single card with support for dual DVB-S2