S/PDIF & USB Input Switching

I’m considering pre-ordering a Tone Board Generic Edition, but I need to be able to switch between a USB audio source and a S/PDIF audio source. Both sources may be active simultaneously so auto-switching would not work.

Is there a method to switch between the input source by adding a physical switch to the Generic Board?


Hi, I’m in a similar situation. I don’t need the switch but I don’t understand if the TB is capable of autoswitching or not.

As far as I understand if the TB is connected to a PC/RPi then the SPDIF cannot be used, even if the PC/RPi is not playing audio. I would like someone to confirm this behaviour or a different one. Thanks!

Hello Fabrizio,

I have a Raspberry 3B+ and a Tone Board.
The Usb stream auto-overide the spdif stream only when the usb source is playing.
If both are playing, you hear usb… once you stop usb, you hear spdif, instantly.
Easy and it works perfectly… without any parasitic noise or anything else.


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