Run Yolox-nano on khadas VIM3


I am trying to run my yolox-nano model on khadas vim3 using npu,
but I am having a hard time trying to do that,

I am using Tengine and TIM-VX to do that (this is the only way I found !!),
if there is a better way please guide me,

any help is appreciated,
thank you!.


Please follow those docs.

hello @Frank ,

I have been trying to run the aml_npu_demo_binaries and I faced some problems,

the steps I followed are:

  • Install this image to sd card for booting:

  • Clone the repository.

  • Run (sudo ./INSTALL) in the detect_demo_picture

  • Trying this command:
    ./detect_demo_x11 0 1080p.bmp

and here is the output …

what could be the problem?


@Mohammad_Nour_Alawad Check the Galcore version

$ dmesg | grep Galcore

Do you upgrade your system to least OTA version?