Run detect_demo

when I run ./detect_demo_uvc /dev/video1 2,I got erroe
Can somone help me? please

@fusu1992 you should run it in FB mode . Please use Ctrl + Alt + F1

I try,but i got the fllow error:

try installing G-streamer from repos on khadas server

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Thanks,I will try it

@fusu1992 capture device failed to open .I think This error about you camera .Can you check the camera node ?

Yes ,I have checked. I can use both camorama and camera SDK(orbbec astra)package to open my camera normally

@fusu1992 Can you check it with v4l2 command ? Because you camera’s SDK maybe some special drivers are included .

now, it can display videos normally. but I didn’t do anything on software.I only reboot or switch a usb hub. I don’t konw why. l worry it appear again and i don’t find the solution

@fusu1992 I think just the camera node was change

But I choose the camera node,and I confirm the node that is correct

@fusu1992 It can’t work now ?

it is ok now!谢谢你@Frank :smirk: