RTC on Linux - VIM1/VIM2


How to get RTC working on VIM1/VIM2 with linux?


Which ROM you tested now?


I have tried all roms for VIM2 they loose date & time once device is powered off. I have connected battery to device. I tried to build rom using fenix script, even with that rom same results.

I tested it with android Nougat rom there it retains date & time but not with linux rom.

Please guide me how to take care of this.


Hello rajendrapatil,

It seems that the RTC driver on linux is missing, I will check and feedback here.



Hello rajendrapatil,

RTC support added for linux 3.14 & 4.9. Please update you linux repo.

You can try to build image with Fenix.

Note: You need to delete the old linux deb packages: build/images/debs/0.4/linux--amlogic-_0.4_arm64.deb.



Yes, it is working now.
Is there any document for further customization of ROM. I would like to remove certain components & would like to add our libraries & services in the custom rom for our regular use?



No such document yet. You can read the Fenix script to find out how it works.