Rpi connection to TB by USB

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Have i understood correctly, that the XMOS switches from GPIO to USB-C, if I connect the source to USB-C?

Yes. As soon as there is power(!) available on the USB-C, it is also used as signal/data input. The availability of signal/data is probably not important by itself, if I understand the circuit schema correctly.

I have already wrote a quetsion Data through USB-C hub, but did not receive any answer.
Is it possible to take data from PC and RPI througth usb hub?
Or may be it’s not possible and possible for example to insert RPI to GPIO and PC to USB-C?

I do not know why there should be any problem using a USB hub (except there is not enough power delivered from the hub?)…

For the other question: I suppose you CAN connect a PC to the USB-C AND a Rpi using its USB port to the appropriate pins of the TB GPIO (if you create an appropriate cable, of course) at the same time. BUT, as long as there is power available on the USB-C port, the TB will only listen to the USB-C input. So, I do not see any possibility how to switch from the USB-C input to the GPIO-USB input other than disconnecting the USB-C or turning off the devices (PC/hub) connected to the USB-C (remember that some devices may deliver power to the USB bus even if they are in stand-by mode!).

Thank you very much for the answer! Also I would like to add that i have bought a not powered hub (2 x USB v2.0 +1 x USB v3.0 to USB-C) and neither PC, nor RPI can’t send data to TB through usb hub, only Power. Win 10 can’t see the external card and RPI with lsusb can’t see it. Everything is ok without hub.

What type of hub? 1xUSB-C > 1 USB-A 3.0 + 2x USB-A 2.0?

Which ports have you tried? Maybe you can only connect the host (PC/RPi) to its USB-C and the peripherals (TB) to the USB-A2 or USB-A3 ports? Are you not trying to connect both the PC/RPi and the TB to the USB-A ports? Or the TB to the USB-C port? That would probably not work.

The world of USB-C is often a disaster. I bought a USB-C to USB-A 3.0 cable and it can be used to power and charge a USB-C device from the USB-A, or to connect a USB-C device to a USB-A port, but it cannot be used to connect a USB-A device to a USB-C port of my Mac… :frowning: Fortunately, I bought it mainly because of charging. I still have to use a separate USB-C > USB-A hub/adapter for the other purposes.

This one. I have read maximum information for this hub, and nothing about limitation of connection. I know that hubs have limitations, what you have told.
I have already try one PC v3.0 => usb-C (TB) and v2.0 => usb-C (TB).
I also try RPI v2.0 => usb-C (TB).
I don’t have second USB A – USB A cable for tests.

So I think, that I will connect RPI with GPIO TB and PC with USB-C manually when it’s need. It’s the easiest way for two sources.

I am afraid this hub is only meant to be connected one way: USB-C (male) to your host (PC/RPi) and any of the USB-A (female) connectors to your devices (TB). You can also try other peripherals and see how it works. But I would bet it cannot be used in the opposite direction.

Yeah, I think so. Almost all hubs work like this one.

Hi lvanKr:
I’ve just read throught the comments you posted, not sure if I understand your porpose or not:
You want use the USB-C hub make sure two USB resource from both PC and RPi, am I right?

Yep, agree on that the upstream is the USB-C(male) and the downstreams are the two USB-A ports.

Hi, you mention, that it’s possible to connect RPI USB to GPIO TB, but i couldn’t. Maybe I’m doing something wrong? I have bought this one https://www.mikroe.com/usb-connector-board.
The TB has a power (the light is up), but RPI don’t see it.

Confirm again you want the connection like below:

Please check:

  • Use the Khadas USB-C cable connect Rpi to TB for a test, make sure the TB works on your Rpi first.
  • If the connection bewteen D+ and D- Pins correctly

Would be better if you can take a photo when you finish the connection and post here so we can learn more information from the picture.

Good luck!

I have already tested RPi usb to TB usb, everything is ok. And yes, I want to connect RPi usb to TB GPIO ( pins 2-5).

In this case, the GPIO USB should works, can you kindly check again if you do the connecttion correct? Again, a photo will be helpful.

Good day!

So, I have tried again to connect RPI usb to TB gpio and everything is ok. I think problem with not a good wired connection.

So yes, the problem is wires.

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