Root access on android

Hi everyone!

I can’t deal with root access on VIM3. It seems to be there, but it doesn’t seem to be there. If we run the **su --version** command on VIM2 (VIM2_Nougat_V180619) in the terminal, we get **2.82: SUPERSU**, but for VIM3 (VIM3_Pie_V210128) **su --version** outputs **su: invalid uid/gid '--version'**, and apps don’t get privileges. What is the problem, what is missing?

hello, please note that vim2 has an SU application installed, which gives you the right to select an application for root access, vim3 has root access for all applications by default.


When running the sh script, I get the error su: invalid uid/gid '-c' , as I understand it, this means that there is no provider for su, sorry if I do not express myself correctly, I do not know how to call it correctly. How can I then run my sh script on vim 3? In supersu on vim2, it was clear that the privileges are provided for a specific application (I connect using SSHDroid over ssh), on vim 3, if you put supersu, this is not visible, but I am not sure that it works correctly there.

In simple terms, there is no SU application in vim3, so you get an error.
At the same time, you can freely edit and make changes in the system, since root access is open!

Thank you, now it’s clear! I just don’t need to use su.

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