Roon Endpoint = Tone Board +?

I need a Roon endpoint and discovered the great reviews on the Tone Board. What is the best ( and most affordable ) way to integrate the Tone Board and have it recognized by Roon.

I assume that if I use a Raspberry Pi, I would be using the “noisy” USB output. Any other way other than using something like an Allo Digione?


a tb alone will not be enough for doing a roon endpoint, you’ll need a computer to drive it and to connect to the remaining roon devices, an rpi is a possible computer as there is a readymade linux distribution for that. how clean the audio will be does depend only on the TB but on the absence of noise upstream its usb or spdif input

Understood. Already running a Raspberry Pi with an Allo Digione. Need another Roon endpoint and want to try the Tone Board.

it cost USD99 !! so to make a second endpoint, you could get another rpi + digi one + TB, I am curious what amp and speakers you will connect to your roon EPs ?

I found this. Ordering parts now :slight_smile:


When you have all parts can you test the digione HAT vs the TB on the same Pi and let us know how they perform, curious as I’ve looked at your current setup previously. Thanks

digione hat for rpi seems to be an I2S to SPDIF converter connected to rpi over the 40pins headers, and a TB is mainly a DAC connected to same rpi over usb, so the two do not compare at all !

Doh! I confused it with the HiFiBerry DAC I was looking at not the transport SPDIF HAT! My bad!
Also only realised after posting the thread is quite old.