[ROM] SC VIM3L Pie ATV Debug v4 20211122

Toneboard doesn’t seem to work on this version, is there a fix?
I reinstalled it a couple of times, but still nothing. In all other systems i installed it works well, but I need it for this one :slight_smile:

Hello! What systems are you talking about?

ATV v1 works fine for example. I just tried to connect it with a USB-C cable, it works that way. That is a workaround however, I would be happy if it worked via GPIO as well

Don’t worry, Superceleron will definitely answer you!:+1:

Hmm gpios are not working? weird…
I do not have a tone board so i can’t check it.
But will check it when i can, im having again some pay issues at work so… not in a very good mood to touch anything android related.

No worries, I can work with this, I guess this info will do some good for the next release.
Thanks for the great work and the quick reply!

…also, if it helps, GPIO works fine on VIM1 version of ATV v2.

now that is weird since both use the same kernel hmmm

@superceleron this is great, thanks for taking the time to make it. To me, I see android TV as the current end game for this device. I like kodi but android TV seems a lot more polished with many more capabilities.

Before I install, I wanted to check a couple of things. I will primarily use this for plex using the app. Have you tested the plex app specifically (or anyone else) and furthermore, does 4k, hdr hevc work with Dolby Atmos and DTS-HD? I tried the official pie rom and they didn’t work very well. @Vladimir.v.v (perhaps you have some input as I see you managed to get DTS-HD working)

Hello! if you really want to watch high-quality multimedia, then this is coreelec!
I now have 2 in 1, Android (emmc) / coreelec on ssd-usb (usb 3.0), in any you will have two systems working well.
this wonderful ssd flash drive (coreelec) works fine!

Thanks @Vladimir.v.v , I’ve been using coreelec for the past week and it’s good. Just not as good as good as the plex app in my opinion, nor can you run all of the android apps.

What I’d like is android TV on the vim3l that supports playback the same as kodi on coreelec. Do you know if android TV plays all video and audio formats?

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you can believe me, I always try to watch high-quality movies, iptv on the Internet, and I compared these two OSs, I don’t take separate applications like Netflix, I have good enough sources for movies, much better! :wink:

Well, for example, you will need to manually switch everything constantly for each film resolution and frequency, for me it’s a big loss on Android, HDR 10+ you won’t get either, well with surround sound, it’s better to use kodi for android.
yes, with the formats everything is fine

I’m the same, all of my movie content is 4k, hdr10 for the most part (no need for hdr10+ as I have lg c9). I don’t mind having to change settings as for me the biggest bonus is having all of the android apps and a proper plex interface.

It would be great if the vim3l worked like the nvidia shield. That’s what I’m after really seeing as the Pro is out of stock globally.

Guess I will test android TV later and see if it works

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to each his own :slightly_smiling_face:

but I repeat, you can have two systems at once!

Yeah, it’s great to be able to dual boot. It’s a brilliant little device and thanks to all of the developers for their hard work.

Hopefully one day android TV on the vim3l will be similar to the shield

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good luck to you !!:slightly_smiling_face:

@superceleron do you know if it is possible to implement automatic resolution switching to aid playback?

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You need this Rom for that to work

AFRd is used which needs superuser permission only in UserDebug Build.

he means screen resolution, not frequency!

Sorry guys, im very busy at the moment with work…
Yes it possible but will take lots of work, and my time at the moment is very very limited to do any free custom work.
So that one i leave it to khadas team.