[ROM] SC VIM3L Pie ATV Debug v4 20211122

3 golden rules for everybody!!

rules one ! make backups
rules two ! make backups
rules three ! make backups


ye i know that :stuck_out_tongue:
the issue is not enough hdd’s for backups, i already have 6TB of backups…
Anyway i will do all again, but slowly.
Starting with my work sdk (this one i did a backup, 1 month old but still a backup hehe)

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Well… i had free time today and made a huge progress in a new repo sync, ported already 70% of my changes but looking good, more in a “future” free time!
But my vim3 hdmi port is dying of to many flashes… i have to connect and disconnect the hdmi cable lots of times since i only have 1 tv to test all my stuff :frowning: lets see if it hold a bit longer…

Ever think about getting a couple of HDMI port savers?:slightly_smiling_face:

now that you talk about it… i need to check them out…
The issue here is that a only have 1 tv to try all my work(lots of boxes + work boxes etc…) so that means put in take out bla bla bla and that kill the hdmi port as you can imagine.

I run in to that here, but I can only imagine what you go through working with so many devices.
I see the cheap HDMI switches on the Bay, but I’m not sure I trust them.

im going to see “Robert Mauser”, i also do not trust the bay ones!

Good switches are expensive. I may just get a cheap AVR to use instead or a cheap used one.

Flashed this on my Vim3L HTPC Version
that previously had CoreELEC installed eMMC
Everything all OK after flashing
EXCEPT No Ethernet Recognised.
Tried everything
Turned off WiFi , Used different cables.
Flashed CoreELEC to SD Card Boot
Booted and Ethernet Works.
My Router is a Huawei B525 Wireless Broadband 4G

Hmm i do not have any issues with eth port in my Vim3L, i have 3 routers here and it works fine with all of them!
Very strange that one!
Anyone else with the same issue?!

I tried reset and reflashed the ATV again.
Same issue no Ethernet.

Just Flashed
VIM3L Android Pie V200103 ROM Release

Ethernet Works.

I’ll flash again from this Rom to
your ATV Rom tomorrow and see what happens.
I want to run this thing for a bit before going back.

I Just used Krescue to backup the V2OO103 and used Krescue to download and burn the
ATV Rom to eMMC.

Again no Ethernet.
No idea what’s going on here.

Ok i manage to reproduce it, it is the build… actually it is the old sdk that has some issue with some routers.
In new sdk all is ok, so you have to wait for me to do v2 for the VIM3L based on the new sdk.
Use wifi for now sorry for that!


Thank God for that.
I thought i was going to be the only one on Earth Khadas to have this issue. :slightly_smiling_face:

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ye lol, though one :stuck_out_tongue:
Anyway it wont take long to finish 3L, i just finish Vim3 friday… i dint touch any sdk stuff in the weekend, needed some me time lol


Updated 1º post with latest build…
Read the beginning for the post!


Flashed this today.
AFRd has no signal due to no superuser permission error.
Power Menu to boot another OS does nothing. Power Button + Reset Button whilsts cold booting Enters TWRP. No Big Deal.
Ethernet works.
WiFi 2g and 5g works.
Just reporting.

I think you using User build, in that one AFRd does not work and Reboot to another OS also does not work…
Use the debug build!

Any idea why VLC is not switching to 24hz on 4K movies?
Also Passthrough Dolby Atmos and DTS-HD are not working by me.
If I use coreleec all works sound and 24hz

I take a look on afdr if i need to configure something