[ROM] SC VIM3L Pie ATV Debug v4 20211122

@superceleron do you know if it is possible to implement automatic resolution switching to aid playback?

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You need this Rom for that to work

AFRd is used which needs superuser permission only in UserDebug Build.

he means screen resolution, not frequency!

Sorry guys, im very busy at the moment with work…
Yes it possible but will take lots of work, and my time at the moment is very very limited to do any free custom work.
So that one i leave it to khadas team.

Hi supelceleron, My device was vim3, so, Does your ATV imge for VIM3L fit my VIM3?In fact, I want to change the boot Loge and replace the open screen animation,but I have no idea how to do these,Do you have the procedure for these?

no, these are different hardware devices

As @Vladimir.v.v says , VIM3 is A311D, and VIM3L is S905D3, so the entire Soc is different and hence no chance of it to be compatible, Not even the S922X and A311D have OS Compatibility and need different builds, though they have similar CPU and GPU two different Soc means two different OS,
Facts :slightly_smiling_face:

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Is it possible to get a build of this ROM that works with the new M2X and Quectel modem.
Everything works perfect with the current Khadas Android ROM.

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I believe PCIe should work…

I think he talks about the lack of drivers in this version

No problem, this guide by terry should work…

Please make sure to use the correct file ( libquectel-ril.so )


it seems to be a different modem ,buddy

yes, but just need to replace the file…

I think the stock firmware already contains all the drivers, Superceleron probably needs to be added to this ROM

I can confirm it does not work with this build. The current Khadas Android build works perfectly.
This is the Quectel modem sold directly by Khadas.

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I hope Superceleron will notice your comment, and will be able to integrate the driver for your modem! Good luck!

yes i know about it, it will be fixed in next build.


Hi thanks for the reply.
Is there any time frame for the next build?

a few weeks, maybe sooner :slight_smile:

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