[ROM] Khadas VIM2 - SCV3-ATV Beta (AndroidTV)

Anything about “hide the root” of device to use HBO GO and nothing about the Chomecast Receiver from google?

Hello, Sorry I have not done any of this, so cannot help. Hope you get it resolved.

This app s very good to have in ATV.

Impossible the hide root!
Cast Receiver installed but not appears on network or at Google Home.

Anyway thanks for you great work.

There is any way to me help to improve this build?

You can get source from Github and to build it with Chromecast better working. Thank you.

Chromecast appears only work on the official android tv box.
I could not fix the issue with root access… even won’t HBO GO work.

About the Chromecast was a joke … sorry
There is no DRM support in this Android builds, so apps like Netflix or HBO Go will not work! Moreover higher resolutions are available only on real ATV. The only workaround is Kodi with streamadaptive higher than 2.1 :wink:

Very sad that!
Very limited! The Best ATV by now is the Xiaomi Mi Box 4k, right?

No! Nvidia Shield is the best one from more than 3 years now. Xiomi is officially supported by google but from hardware perspective it’s the same as VIM Pro but without NIC :wink: Mi box is just another Amlogic 905x box but with official ATV. Xiaomi don’t have samba support out of the box as Shield trough plex server for example. I know that Shield is triple in the price even in standard version but it worth it every cent comparing to Mi.

I try to install Tvheadend for Nvidia Shield. Tvheadend Work find But Not found adapter.
Tvheadend for nvidia Shield
How to work with DTV board?
Thank you!!

I think you are on the wrong board :slight_smile:
Better try to ask on shield/nvidia forum or read XDA - shield topics

On vim 2 with dtv board.

What DVB board you use? If you have vTV you need their app. In kodi over ATV you can use android app in the Kodi. I think there is no other way at the moment. At least i did not able to get it work other way.

Thank you For Reply.
I Use Vim 2 + VTV board DVB-S DVB-T.
I’m Looking For Vim 2 + VTV Board With Tvheadend Android ATV Rom. Same Wetek Play2 Box.
Because Football Feed 4.2.2 On Asiasat 5 and Oscam Emu Powervu Autoroll Work Find For Me.
Thank you Again.:sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

I am not sure that this is possible at the moment. My be in the near future …
But i am not an expert so keep looking :wink:

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Care to add this IR remote support?
0xe619fb04 V-
0xba45fb04 V+
0xa25dfb04 Menu
0xe01ffb04 Home
0xf50afb04 Return
0xe41bfb04 Mouse
0xbb44fb04 UP
0xe21dfb04 DOWN
0xe31cfb04 LEFT
0xb748fb04 RIGHT
0xa35cfb04 OK
0xec13fb04 1
0xef10fb04 2
0xee11fb04 3
0xf00ffb04 4
0xf30cfb04 5
0xf20dfb04 6
0xf40bfb04 7
0xf708fb04 8
0xf609fb04 9
0xb847fb04 0
0xac53fb04 SETTING
0xe51afb04 POWER

hmm i will check if i can add it to the next ota.
Dunno when since im full of work :frowning:


I have installed the SCV3-ATV Beta (AndroidTV) on my khadas VIM2. Now, my fan doesn’t run… Does someone have a solution for this problem?


The fan is by default in auto sense mode!
Also dont forget to update to SCV3!