RK3588 Timeline?

Hi Khadas,

Are there any plan for RK3588 SBC?

Hi @Melville:
Yep, our roadmap with RK3588 for Edge2 :slight_smile:

But we still haven’t start the Edge2 project at the moment as the RK3588 still not ready until later Q2 2020.


Hi @Gouwa,
Will this also be available in the VIM form factor as well?

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Yes, Gouwa has confirmed that this is part of Khadas plans.


@Vladimir.v.v Thank you. :+1:

So can we expect it for end of 2020 if the RK3588 release doesn’t delay? Honest question, I don’t know how much time it takes to make a new VIM/Edge with a new SoC.
I’m working with a VIM3 right now because it’s the most powerful CPU, but still may need more power for my project and those A76+A55 would be perfect, the performance jump from the A73 to A76 is quite noticeable (plus having 2 extra cores)