Rip vim2 😭 it was gud while it lasted

Its safe to say Vim2 is dead no more updates (android) while older version of vim and newer ones are getting make me sad dat i bought the wrong 1


I don’t think so
What cant it do, that makes you think it needs an update

If its not broken why fix it…

Use it for what it can do and be happy
Amlogic have moved on, and only they can really add updates…

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I think the historic lack of Linux mali drivers for the T820 chip held GXM boards back, which is a shame as S912 is much more capable chip than S905X. Panfrost (finally) exists now and runs increasingly great, but it’s probably a case of “too little, too late” to heavily influence developers now that better spec. G12 devices are shipping. VIM2 is definitely not dead … if anything it’s better supported now than it has been at any time since its launch!


Depends what you want to use it for. It makes an excellent media player with the option of dvb-t/s support with the right software choice.
Its probably dead as far as Linux support maturing goes since most people will be moving to the new generation of chip before GPU/mainline support matures, but it still makes an excellent Android box as is. You don’t need to be running Android 9/10 for it to be useful.