RETROPIE for Khadas VIM2


Can you support and create a firmware (image) for Retropie and the following projects / systems?:

(At this time LibreELEC is only ready for VIM1).


Anyone have successfully configurate the Retroarch in the Kadhas VIM Android ?


This tutorial guide the Retropie installation in Linux Ubuntu 16.04. Maybe this can run in the Khadas VIM2, but I can’t try because the dualboot don’t run for me and I have only the Android installation at this moment.


Here is a working approach for RetroArch in VIM2, but requires some updates from linux gurus. It is very difficult to add some Bios like ColecoVision.


any news? because my goal with khadas was emulation


S905X is the processor of Khadas Vim 1, therefore the Khadas Vim2 has a S912 processor.


Friends, the Lakka has an S912 version of Libelec with Lakka support. Anyone know how install this version into Khadas Vim2 ?


You can download the dtb for VIM2 here, put in into /LAKKA and rename it to dtb.img.

  • How to bootup?

It’s the same to LibreELEC.