Reset khadas vim 1

after a hard reset with the buttons procedure my Khadas vim 1 does not turn on anymore just shows a black screen and no system is shown, now I do not know how to make it function again it should be a easy procedure just to bring it back to its zero configuration but it does not show anything do I need to install an android system? How to do this procedure I’m not used to this board and I was using it ok but for some reason it can’t connect to my WiFi network it was connecting to others networks but not mine please tell me hoe make it operational again

Good morning! Connect your vim to the computer via the usb cable, run USB burning tools, select the firmware, press the middle button three times within two seconds, the board should be detected, and you can flash. Done!

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first fetch the suitable android image from here:
Khadas VIM1 Firmware Resources | Khadas Documentation

latest image is running Android Pie

then use the USB-burning tool to flash the image to the eMMC with the help of your laptop or PC:

regd the wifi not working, first install the android image, then retry the procedure, and check if the problem persists,


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