Requirements collection for firmware update of Tone's(Tone1,Tone2,Tone2 Pro)

Hi, friends who use Tone’s products, we will carry out some upgrades for Tone’s next year. If you have any ideas, please reply to this post and we will collect your suggestions and try to add the functions to the new firmware.

Please note the product name, such as:
Tone2 Pro add S/PDIF out function, …(More detailed description)

The following is an introduction to each Tone’s

Thanks for all friends. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

How about getting the khadas Android app working?

Would be helpful to control all that hardware :slight_smile:

I can play via USB C but the app can not find the DAC from Android. The app wants me to to turn on Bluetooth and wont let me do anything until it can find a device, which it wont.
I have not updated the DAC in ages and if it was a easy task to actually check the status of the DAC from a USB Android device maybe I would. If not maybe you should give this information together with the app :thinking:

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Hi Fritz_Ozorian,
Do you mean that, use Khadas Audio app to connect the Tone device?
Currently, Khadas Audio app only supports Tea. The APP will add support for BT Magic in the future. BT Magic can be connected to Tone2 and Tone2 Pro, but does not support Tone1 devices. so the Khadas Audio app could control the Tone2 or Tone2 Pro via BT Magic in the future.

Please make Tone1 VIMS Edditon S/PDIF out function work.

Thank You.

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Hi Donanon,
We will add this function in the Tone1’s firmware update plan.
Off topic, I would like to know, when do you usually use this S/PDIF output function? Can the analog output performance of the current Tone1 DAC meet your usage requirements?
Your suggestions are helpful for our products, thanks.