Request patch for USB OTG on Ubuntu mainline

Could anyone add USB OTG patch to Ubuntu Mainline on fenix.

Request patch for USB OTG on Ubuntu mainline

no need any patches . I can not run adb-gadget.service on Mainline.

I want to ssh to VIM3 via USB.

Please advise.

please explain what do u want to do ? :wink:

if u need ssh connection via usb network to your vim3 device

please check how its work with oowow 1st

oowow provide usb-otg network access be default

ssh root@

oowow same used mainline kernel for vim3

PS: before use usb-otg need configure it via configfs , please check related topics in internet or try undestand how its works in oowow cat /opt/usb_otg_rndis


I need to ssh connection via usb network to my vim3 On Ubuntu mainline.

I tried to run adb-gadget.service or set up /etc/network/interfaces.d/interface.rndis but not successed.

@hyphop Thank you for guidance.

Currently, I copied oowow “/opt/usb_otg_rndis” and run on Ubuntu Mainline Image (Kernel 6.0).

Result is below.

*khadas@Khadas:~$ sudo /opt/usb_otg_rndis *
[i] UDC ff400000.usb
/opt/usb_otg_rndis: 57: cd: can’t cd to /tmp/configfs/usb_gadget

I check related topics and try to modprobe libcomposite but not success yet.

khadas@Khadas:~$ modprobe libcomposite
modprobe: FATAL: Module libcomposite not found in directory /lib/modules/6.0.0

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please check oowow kernel config and ubuntu differents try to find whats missed

zcat /proc/config.gz

make new kernel config for ubuntu fenix rebuild and test

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