Repair OS08A-10 MIPI camera cable (to VIM3)

Hi - is it possible to replace or repair the flexible cable on the OS08A-10 camera ?
We have 3 (out of 4) cameras that have failed and suspect that the cable is the problem.

They work for a few days - then become unreliable - then stop working completely.
It isn’t the software or the connector because it works when we replace the camera.

Has anyone done an I-fixit style video on how to fix these cameras/cables?

( tagging @numbqq as the expert here)

Hello @steely-glint

Could you take a high definition photo of your camere cable?

@ numbqq Here’s one of the 3 failed ones, I will ask my colleague to take pictures of the other two.



I have 2 damages units as well, both failing after some use, will send over a picture of the flat cable.
I think that a flat cable connector on both sides will be a better design and it will allow shorter or longer calbes and re theplacment of them without looks all the camera electronics and lens.