Remove I2C_SDA_A VIM1

Hello everyone,
I have disabled I2C_SDA_A on VIM1

/&i2c0 {
status = “okay”;
clock-frequency = <400000>;

I want to control something on GPIODV_24 and on DTS I set active_high: GPIODV_24 GPIO_ACTIVE_HIGH.

Problem appears when after booting the Logo, GPIODV_24 becomes ACTIVE_LOW, where does GPIODV_24 become ACTIVE_LOW?


@yossi are you sure you can do that with that pin ?, it may be hardwired to be a I2C

remove i2c2 bus in DTS in kvim3l, i read from this. should be able to do @Electr1
but i dont know, after booting the logo becomes ACTIVE_LOW

@yossi Did you try enabling it inside the OS ?, something like echo 1 > /sys/class/gpio/gpio.../value
did it yield any result ?, maybe try the other I2C port,

yes, i try to enable it. and i can control in /sys/class/gpio …
i using led-gpio driver, because I use it only for On and Off something

kvim:/ $ echo 1 /sys/class/leds/controlled/value
1 /sys/class/leds/controlled/value

and i can controll after inside the OS

the problem is after booting the logo becomes ACTIVE_LOW @Electr1

Hmm , in that case you could try to ask khadas @Terry for more help regarding that, does it really matter that the GPIO is in HIGH state even in the Boot (logo) phase?, if you don’t mind, could you tell me why you are using it ? I could try to suggest some alternative :slight_smile:

I want to learn to disable and use it for other purposes such as turning on and off the modem. actually this doesn’t matter because I can control it in the OS. but I am very curious, why that happened.

when booting the logo, the process is in linux or uboot? @Electr1


I believe uboot as the boot logo is directly related to that, I believe that naturally happens

stay curious, keep on tinkering :smile:

maybe @Terry can help me


Yes, wait for him to follow up soon.

@Electr1 which part load the boot logo in the uboot?

@yossi do you mean which file ?, If it is which step it loads boot logo then I am not completely sure, probably the starting.

@Electr1 yes, which file? and step by step from uboot to the OS running

@yossi You might want to ask @Terry for more info on that, I am only sure that is the problem, but I don’t think you can modify that, while booting the GPIOs might all get pulled down at that state then only to whatever state they were programmed to be in.

Did you means VIM1 or VIM3L?

@Terry yossi is asking about VIM1

@Electr1 @Terry Problem solved. change to amlogic dts


Good to know @yossi, could you share the changes you did to accomplish this ?

just change to this

sysled {
          compatible = "amlogic, sysled";
          dev_name = "sysled";
          status = "okay";
          led_gpio = <&gpio GPIODV_24