Remove gnome desktop but keep khadas apps

Hi, I’m using Ubuntu 20.04(fenix v1.0.2) with default gnome desktop in VIM3 emmc. I mostly connect vim3 by vnc, I want to uninstall gnome desktop and install xfce4. Once I try to remove gnome desktop, khadas apps(such as, do-fenix-full-upgrade, fan control, CPU frequency) will also be removed.

How can I keep khadas apps as same time to remove gnome desktop?


@JiangXL why not try to build firmware with Xfce desktop instead ?

Yes, I can directly install old firmware with xfce. But, khadas have removed xfce-desktop support from ubuntu focal. Once I upgrade ubuntu from bionc to focal, xfce desktop will be find but khadas will be also removed.

Anyway, I think it will be better if khadas apps separate from desktop environment.

@JiangXL I suggest you to remove the current installation and install the latest distribution you need and install the DE seperately, if you have any data back it up and transfer it after the process is complete, unlike normal ubuntu releases, the ease of distro upgrades is not very easy,

unless its a rolling release like manjaro, in which upgrading is just a matter of 2-3 commands

I’m using manjaro with xfce. I am very pleased!

@fkaraokur that will have the manjaro theming applied all around, the normal stock version is plain old xfce4 :slightly_smiling_face:

sorry i translated with google translate but i don’t understand. :grinning:

@fkaraokur Manjaro uses XFCE + a custom theme
normal XFCE on Ubuntu or Debian looks a bit different…

he yes now I get it. :grinning:

yes, the interface is different and gives the windows experience. So far, there is no problem except for 2 different problems.