Remote with gyroscope and voice dialing from Khadas?

Dear Khadas team, do you have any plans for a branded remote with gyroscope and voice dialing?
thank you for your work!

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@Vladimir.v.v Why you need to branded remote with gyroscope

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Maybe he wants something newer than our current IR remote. There’s this product, called an air mouse:

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Yea, I figure I would also ask, My living room TV came with one of these air mouse remotes, quite expensive, but is super cool, I thought I could use it with the VIM3 but it seems like some of the button configurations are different…

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Hello everyone, maybe it really will be superfluous, since it is more suitable for Android lovers, this is with regard to voice dialing, but radio control will be useful on all OS, perhaps where there is no need to point the remote directly to the IR port.

no, I mean the most common implementation.

by the way, I just integrated this into Khadas and it works well!

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I think it’s not that expensive, buddy, but very convenient!

Convenience yes!, but I am talking about local prices :grin:

Is $ 8 expensive for you?

Maybe, I don’t earn my money yet, so each rupee is worth its amount in gold for me,
Also they don’t ship to India, It seems like everything from Aliexpress is banned or something…

actually this is just an example ,buddy

branded remote from Khadas

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no, this remote is damn expensive, really

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I don’t mind connecting a keyboard and Mouse, or reaching the board to physically turn it off, save a buck here and there and believe that one day you will strike rich :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

yes, but I suggested a more modest option

I still can’t get it though…

buddy, but you have vim3 and a display, you didn’t find them on the street

Well that is not what I meant, what I wanted to really say is, It doesn’t fit my Task, and anyway I have such a mouse which I can use to turn off the VIM3 and control volume etc. some others don’t work, but as I said, Can’t buy it, till I need it…

buddy, we weren’t talking about you, sorry

Yes I know, I just expressed my public view :blush: