Remote to control Khadas

One question about remote control
Can we use any remote control for Khadas ?
If yes how to synchonize it with Khadas ?

Hi, Winnie:
Yes, of course, any NEC protocol IR remote controller is supported.

Which OS do you want to run with your own new remote controller?

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HI @Gouwa
I use this firmware:Vim_Ubuntu-mate-16.04_Linux-4.9_V170605, and with official khadas remote, the IR not work(press key no respones), why ?

The firmware ‘Vim_Ubuntu-mate-16.04_Linux-4.9_V170605’ don’t support for the IR function.
Can you tell me why you need the IR function on ubuntu?

Hi @Terry:
We now have to develop an remote controller(with IR & BT) for linux system(hardware:khadas vim), so ubunut mate is meet out request, How can I do this ? or is there have any reference? thanks!
BTW, how can I get Vim_Ubuntu-mate-16.04_Linux-4.9_V170605 this firmware’s source code? I only have kernel source code which download from your company official github site.

You also can use a smartphone with IR and the Anymote Start Remote app (from Google Play). You add a new remote and search for Beelink Minimx. It is 100% compliant.

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Thanks for your suggestion

amazing, can you please confirm that using this setup, the Vim3 IR sensor will receive IR commands from my phone IR blaster?

I have a Vim1. I don`t know if it applies to Vim3