Recommendations for 3m cable

Hello to Khadas forum!

I’m proud owner ot KTB and i love it!
I have tried the Baseus 2m and its great, but i need a little more length. Tried the same one at 3m and it works for about 5mins, after then the sound just stops. I guess The transferred current is not enough.
Can some one give recommendations for a good 3m cable that would not loose the power needed to run KTB?

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I’m just being silly here; why not just move the power source closer to the Tone Board? :smile:

I can’t.
My source is laptop that is too far from KTB.
I also use 1.2m RCA and i need at least 2.5m USB.

You might need to find an “active usb cable” that regenerates both the power and data signal.

We did once buy a very long passive 5m USB cable for testing with the Tone Board, needless to say it did not work.

Hello, I just made a test. I have no 2.5 meter cable, so I used the following,…
1.) A cheap USB passive extender cable, just under a meter.
2.) A passive 4 port USB hub, its detachable cable is about 1.2 meters.
3.) The supplied Khadas USB A to USB-C cable, about 1 meter.
Added together for length, it totals about 2.4 meters.
The USB extension cable was connected to my laptop’s USB3 port, the Hub was connected to the extension cable, the Khadas cable connected to the hub and the Tone Board.
That is a convoluted mess of an extension cable, yet it works fine as far as I can tell. If that mess works, I would think any decent 3 meter USB extension cable would. We use a 4 meter cable to connect a printer to a PC, never had a problem with it.

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