Really? Docker?

Just thought I would comment about this firmware you have released:

  • VIM2_Ubuntu-mate-16.04_Linux-4.9_V170818\

I noticed that it has docker installed.

Aside from the fact that running Docker on patheticly low powered hardware like Raspberry Pi and VIM etc has me totally baffled (well okay if you run Quassel in a docker on arm, but I know you are not - you are trying to run a apache server aren’t you, and that is not going to work). I dont get the point, if you are developing on HW like this, then you know how to set that stuff up - so you do not need a docker image to make it easier for you… You also know that your mysql server is going to be crap on this hardware - and wouldnt do it!

So why supply it?

Now I know that I can uninstall it with sudo apt-get purge But if I needed it I could also just have installed it !! sudo apt-get install

So why would you supply it in the image? I dont imagine that its too much more in size, but unnecessary. It also adds additional NW interfaces, and routing that you now need to support your customers with when they undoubtly ask you what the heck is this Docker0 interface I have?!?!


And virtualbox too probably - there is a network bridge - lxcbr0
sudo apt-get purge virtualbox

Nope! its: sudo apt-get purge lxc

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Hi freeasinbeer,

Yes, the firmware has docker preinstalled, becase someone maybe need it. But as you said if you need it you may install it with sudo apt-get install And we will consider your suggestion.Thanks for your suggestion.

for those who have not yet understand the value of docker in microcomputers, there is a short and hopefully useful reading: