Real Time Clock

It is only me have a problem with RTC(real time clock) ?
I use android , set automatic date and time to “off” in settings.
Then set the date and time, does not matter which.
And then long press power button, and select “power off”.
and after, power on VIM. I see not the real time but 14:XX 1 jan 2011
Check please on your VIMs.


So far, I have not connected RTC battery, I use internet time to set the clock, that seems to be working OK.
As to the RTC, do you have a RTC battery in place?

Hi, Andrew:

Did you try wait a longer bit time to let the ‘manual time’ affect into the RTC chip?

Does both the ‘time’ and ‘date’ incorrect?

Battery needn’t if keep connect typeC to power adapter. But i had tried with connected battery. The same.

Yes, i did, i wait long time.
And clock count the time and date, but my settings not work.

Can you kindly specify with following details:

  • The ROM version you installed
  • Take some photos about the setting you did


Ok, I found the problem.
Problem in Nougat ROM.
If use VIM_Nougat_V171028.
In this version I can not set the time and date in RTC(YM8563).
If I install Vim_Marshmallow_160928.
Set the date and time, then the clock work correctly.


Vim2 on the same problem, it is not stored during RTC.


Hi, Gouwa.
Please check RTC settings in Nougat on your VIM and VIM2.
I think that Android Nugat on Khadas VIM does not work correct with the clock chip.

Yep, will fixed up in the next ROM which will released soon.

Thanks for the feedback!

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Please fix it on source too and give me PATCH. Very need for carpc custom ROM.
Thank you, Gouwa!


Thanks for your feedback.

Do you fix it?
Thank you!

@Andrew @davemf @Vitak You can refer to this commit on Mmallow. Thanks


Hi, terry, thanks!!!

Hello All,
Could someone say what the size and type of connector used on the board is?
I’m not able to see the connectors in person. So using my computer monitor is making me second guess everything. Preventing me from buying any batteries that I look at. Nothing that I have looked at seems to be the right size. So I was wondering what the size actually was?

Molex 51021-0200 compatible (1.25mm pitch) connector

For VIM1: it’s 1.25mm pitch header
For VIM2 and future VIMs, we will keep designing with 0.8mm pitch header.

Have fun!


Awesome that’s grate. My ODROID C1 and LIVA have something similar. I was beginning think it was standard across the board. But as I kept searching I noticed that there was many types. Which lead to my confusion. Looks like I was on the right track. I’m glad I decided to wait for a response. Thanks a lot for the help I really appreciate it.