Raspberry pi and ktb over usb

Hi I got myself a nice Khadas board but I can not get it to work over usb with raspberry pi. I have tried it with piCorePlayer and USB audio and with Volumio i2s off and output either jack or hdmi. The ktb has it light lit, and I hear a plop. Firmware is 1.04.
I also have a Hifiberry Digi+ and over spdif everything works…
Do want the usb to work as well though…

What am I doing wrong? Do I have to set a jumper or whatever on the ktb? I even tried without a hat connected on the raspberry. Also tried different usb-c cables (very short ones).

Please advice! Regards

PS the usb works as expected in windows

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Tamam teşekkürler


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Is this turkish, and in what way does this help?


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Hello, See documentation here, scroll to Raspberry Pi section.
I do not have any Pi, I can not check it myself.

Ah, ok thanks for pointing to that. I will go and give it a try!