Raise throttle temperature in Ubuntu?

Hi all.
I’d like the throttle temp to be a bit higher on my VIM3. I’m doing video rendering, and it’s just a constant throttle. It’s at 1.8Ghz small cores and 2Ghz big cores. Not too much, ut it’s a loss of performance.

I am using a 5V fan, but the fan can’t keep it under 73°C. It could keep it under 80°C.

Using gnome focal 4.9 on eMMC.
Anyone who could help me with this please?

I must say I’m happy with the new image. Kdenlive didn’t used to work on the older Ubuntu Khadas images. Works great now. Thank you. Greetings.

The thermal throttle point is set at 85C

you can increase this by modifying the device tree files…


This is a modified .dtb file which will raise the thermal throttle temperature to 95C


alternatively you can install this which will replace the device tree



Do let me know if it works

I will. Thank you very much.

I’m now still finishing a test render. It’ll be another hour. It’s a 20min 1440p video. Does it in bit more then 2 hours now. I’m sure I can shorten that time a bit more.
The CPU is awesome. Too bad I’ve got 2GB ram an 16GB eMMC. Now trying with a swapfile on eMMC. Ain’t fast enough so I’ll have to use an ssd for that.

You say 85°C should be throttle temp. But here it starts throttling at 73°C with the default Ubuntu Focal image. Hope it’ll be better with your dtb.

I’m gonna use it next week on a cycling trip to edit and render my videos. I started with the Odroid C2 3 years ago. Then filming and rendering in 720p.

The RK3399 then did it at 1080p. Now I can do the same with the VIM3 at 1440p. I so much love the A311D. What a CPU. So power efficient an powerful. :slight_smile: can’t wait for the RK3588. Greetings.

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I installed the deb file and rebooted. Too bad, It still does it. Here you can see when it goes above 73°C. The big cores are throttled down to 1.9Ghz.

But it’s not too bad. It did it in 1h53m. I tried the same on the RK3399 yesterday, that one has 4GB and it done it in more than 3 hours. I just can’t complain I guess. And editing is very flued too vs RK3399. SSD would make it a bit faster. But then it consumes a lot more. I’ll be working on power banks.
So I’m happy as it is. The throttling ain’t too bad. It’ll do just fine.

Thank you, greetings.

Try this …?


BTW what is the app that shows CPU freq…?

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It’s cpufreq monitor from the xfce4-goodies. Only seen the Raspberry Pi lie with it.

Thank you, shall try later. Now doing some tests with ssd.

No luck. Still the same with this.
A year ago exactly I’ve done my tests to review the board and then it was the same. Tho I could keep it a few degrees cooler then. It is a very hot day.
This was done with Blender. Kdenlive heats up the CPU a bit more too.

Temperatures (fan over CPU, not over fins)

Idle No fan : 44°C
Maxed out No fan : 75°C heavy throttling. 1Ghz small cores / 1.8Ghz big cores

Idle 3V fan : 34°C
Maxed out 3V fan : 73°C very light throttle. Takes 5min to reach 70°c. +10min to start throttling

Idle 5V fan : 32°C
Maxed 5V : 70°C no throttling

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Try this…?



That’s it! Great job. I don’t know what/how you’ve done it. But my hat off. Thank you.
It now goes to 85°C and start throttling there. Without cooling that is. So with cooling it’ll stay full throttle.

Another question. Is 1.8Ghz the default clock speed for the small cores? I’ve seen 1.9Ghz in other distro’s. Not that it would make much difference.

Thank you very much. Have a great day/night.

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1.8 is the max for small cores…

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Can you try that render again if possible… will be a nice benchmark to compare with rk3399

Already doing that. I’ll let you know the result. I don’t think it’ll be such a big difference, but every minute can count when you’re working with power banks.

2nd time it was slower. But I did use gnome instead of xfce4.
I’ll try again tomorrow with xfce4. And then also with swap on faster media. The swapping costs a lot of time since it ain’t getting the data fast enough to process.
I’m also using the sd-card slot for the base video’s. Maybe an external USB sd-card reader could make it faster too. The VIM3 has slow sd reader with only 20MB/s.
But I now can trust it will do what I need it to.
Again thank you.

Gnome is a more heavy desktop environment, it would have had its toll on the performance as well…