Questions before purchasing Vim 3 Pro

Really excited about Vim 3 Pro unique features. Really looking forward to purchase this great board as soon as I get answers for it. I need to know prior to investing over $200 on a new SBC board.
1.How is Vim 3 Pro standing in terms of HW acceleration for latest Amlogic SoC using full distros like Ubuntu Desktop?
2.How is the Linux mainline support for Vim 3 Pro, if any?
3.Is there any known USB 3.0 throttle issues with Vim3 Pro like previous Amlogic SoC’s Have?
4.Is NVMe Boot fully supported on Ubuntu Desktop?

Thank you for time, I appreciate your prompt answers.

vendor ( legacy ) linux kernel - works fine with ubuntu

mainline kernel is mainline kernel - still have some problems with VIM3, but not to much - same possible to use ! but without on-board WiFi

  1. No HW acc in Linux as far as I know. It does play video well with its CPU, but that’s not accelerated. I even do 1440p video editing and rendering with it.
  2. Mainline is good. Balbes does a great job for his mainline Armbian. But some things don’t work.
  3. USB3 doesn’t perform super. But better than the Odroid N2 for example. More info on that here
  4. I didn’t try, but I think it does. (it boots from USB3, so I think it’s the same) Do know that before using the NVMe you’ve got to disable the USB3 port(with Android on eMMC). And NVMe goes over USB3. So not faster than USB3 speeds. Only advantage of using an NVMe is lower latency. Maybe better to use an externat USB3 ssd so you still have the USB3 available.

It is an amazing board. The highest single core, and multi-core performance there is for ARM-SBC(with Linux support)
I’ve got the 16GB eMMC and 2GB ram model. Even with those limitations it still does a good job. But for real desktop work/memory intensive the pro is adviced.
Do your homework well to know for sure it can do the functions you need. You can watch my review videos on them for example.

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