Questions about VIM2 features

Hello everyone. I am considering the possibility of buying a Khadas VIM2 Max, but there are some doubts I have about its features:

  • I have read that it supports Miracast, but I am not sure whether it is only as a client or also as a server. In other words, I have seen some TV boxes that have an app for Miracast receiver, and when it is enabled I can connect to it with my phone and make my phone’s screen show on the TV. Can I do it with the VIM2?
  • Does the USB type C support Displayport?
  • If not, is there any other way of connecting the VIM2 to dual simultaneous displays?

Thank you very much. Best regards.

Hi huantxo:
Yes, same as others TV-Box, VIM2 also support Miracast if you with Android installed.

The USB-C only spec with USB 2.0 and it does not support screen output. And the dual simultaneous displays features also not supported.

Btw, the reason why we designed VIMs with USB-C is for future products.

Have fun!

Thank you very much. Just one more question. I have seen in other posts that there is no OpenGLES nor OpenCL implementation in linux for VIM2 yet. Are there any plans to implement it in the future?

I read that Amlogic did not pay for the Linux libmali license, so It seems very unlikely that GPU can get “official” support in Linux. But I still think that Vim2 is worth even without that feature, so I already ordered mine.

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