Questions about ordering and accessories


I would like to order from (to avoid paying some importation taxes) :

  • Khadas VIM4 with active cooling
  • USB-C charger
  • USB-C power cable
  • Khadas official case

As I see on there is only the UK plug for the charger. Do you plan to add some the EU/Belgium ones?
In the meantime can I use a 20W usb-c from iPhone or 30w usb-C from MacBook Air?

The case looks only available for the Khadas VIM3. Do you plan some for VIM4?

Thanks and best regards

Hey there,
Other USB-C PD certified chargers will work fine, so no worries

VIM4’s custom DIY case is yet to come, so you might need to wait for that, cheers!

We added the EU power adapter in
The iPhone usb-c adapter is not quite suitable for VIM4, we suggest you can use Khadas power adapter and USB-C cable (male-to-male), supporting both USB-3.0 data and USB power delivery from 5-20V.

Current DIY Case is not compatible with VIM4 due to the HDMI IN interface. We are working on DIY Case 2 for VIM4. Stay tuned!

Can you make DIY Case 2 for VIM4 bigger for mounting M.2 SSD inside in the case? This will be very helpful. Also make 30W USB-C Adapter in EU version. All our sales platforms will have 30W adapters in the future, replacing the current 24W.

Good, but will be EU version available too or only US version? The EU also has a 30W adapter

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30W adapter is now available again for purchase. But i can’t see EU version? Will you clarify again, that Khadas is offering this accessory only for USA or for others regions too? There is an EU version, but it is not yet on the shelves

EU version is already available

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