Query regarding GPU acceleration

I am currently using the most recent OOWOW Ubuntu 22.04 image, and i am aware after speaking with the Khadas team that this image of ubuntu only supports use of a VPU using the processor for decoding local and browser video footage…sadly it seems no support is planned to bring in some GPU support which is a shame considering how powerful the GPU is, or “could be” - The Vim4 is a great board, but its potential is held back for me due to the high CPU usage when playing local or browser video content.

I am sadly not that great with linux, but eager to learn. Could someone tell me how to/what i need to do in order to amend my Ubuntu22.04 image to support using the GPU rather than the VPU?

Please note that, video decoding doesn’t depends on the GPU.

For current image, the GPU is already supported, also for Vulkan is supported now.

Local video decoding.

For better experience, we suggest you to use CoreELEC on VIM4 for video playback.

As said above, gpu already supported now. Please don’t be confused.

these are not exactly solutions though from my understanding. i am using wayland and preferably do not want to use anything else, so im seeking how to achieve this without need to switch to using weston.

as for the local video decoding, why is this so heavy on the CPU? can anything be done about this? make it use the GPU instead? your reply suggests there should be GPU acceleration for browser content? i am not experiencing this, but like i say…i am using latest oowow image of ubuntu 22.04, and im seeking a solution where all works in 1 place rather than having to switch desktop environments or even operating system. even if this requires a custom image build i just want pointing in the right direction to achieve this

For video content rendering on Mutter still have some issues, so only weston works at this moment.

Weston is also an implementation of wayland.

If you use the default video player, there will be no hardware acceleration all done on CPU so you have a hight cpu load.

Again, you can’t use GPU to decode the video.

Hardware video decoding already support with Gstreamer, if you want to display video on Gnome desktop, you may need to rewrite Gstreamer waylandsink plugin to achieve this.

I do have a somewhat related question, as there isn’t much documentation elsewhere. Does the AVE-10 on the A311D2 support AV1 decode?

Hi @lilpossum

Yes, AV1 decode is supported, you can check the datasheet.