Quectel EP06 imei change

Can I change imei in this module?

No you cannot these modules have inbuilt firmware which is a linux os itself and it is a blackbox.

It is quite hard to change imei and it is illegal to discuss about changing IMEI on any official forum.

Idk why you want to change imei.

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because imei registration fee in my country is $ 300 and I bought the lte module for $ 20. I have an LTE powered phone with a broken screen and I am not using it. I want to transfer its imei to the mod. That way, I’ll save $ 300!

@fkaraokur IMEI can contain things like device model number, and official information of the manufacturer, its better you stick to legal ways and try not to use short cuts, as it can lead you into getting you fined for tampering. so 300$ vs how much ever you would pay for a govt fine.