Qudelix 5k as Bluetooth for Tone2? crossposted

I’m loving the depth of technical the Q5 has brought to this hobby for me, and I whooda’thunk I could have gotten this deep into a technical hobby as I have without breaking the bank. I seems to me that I am also surrounded by the like minded which enhances this experience across the board. I’m new to high end audio product and the vast syllabus which helps it stand tall amongst men of all walks. I I found I had an ear for tone after the effects of a high speed auto accident took 68% of my ear as well as my hearing. I hobbied recording, editing and authoring live concert performances globally. I was tipped off that output was pleasing to fans and musicians alike and I plagued myself in doubt of having any future taking the hobby more seriously post injury,but I found myself more sensitive to tone and rhythm and have been blessed to be allowed to continue. Because the nature of growing and reeling in the years I find myself recording less but a palpable veracity to hear more. Bought my 1st DAC Amp mid March the Khadas Tone 2 was paired with monoprice mp80 iem, lgG8 quad dac handset and 1more triple driver iem. I also Lusted after the drop/panda cans but got a great deal on monoprice Tru wireless feat. sound id and banked the 300 saved. I Khadas is developing their own BT module but output forthcoming is slow. Shopping for an external solution I was very impressed with what the Q5 had to offer as we can all attest the specs are out of this world and the price put a cherry on the top. So much to learn I thought it best to introduce myself at the forums and post my first questions. The tone 2 will power their BT with an existing secondary usb c. My question to both Qudelix and Khadas forums… What options if any are there to slave the Q5 to my tone 2? I’m posting this over at khadas forum simultaneously and will be sure to follow up on both boards.
Thanks in advance!

Hello, Welcome aboard.
Sorry to hear about your injury. Good to see you are making the best of it.

I am not sure I understand your objective. Both are DACS, would seem somewhat redundant to me to connect one through the other. If you are wanting to use the Q5K’s Bluetooth as input source to the Q5K’s outputs, to feed audio to the T2P, I am not sure how this would improve by running thru the T2P, as the final product could not be better than the output fed to the T2P’s inputs.

As far as the T2P’s I2S USB-C port, the wiring is proprietary.

@Eric68 could better tell you if it is possible.

Yes I wanted to send Q5 ldac from lgg8 via Bluetooth to feed the Tone2 for balanced output to studio spkrs.
lgg8>qudelix 5k>tone2p>powered monitors

The T2P does not have an analog input. SPDIF input is available, does the Q5K offer SPDIF output? Otherwise, I see no easy way to send analog audio from the Q5K to the T2P.

Initially I tried q5k usbc out to tone2p usbc in.
Didn’t work obviously. I hadn’t thought far enough through that usb dac mode on q5k would shut off the bluetooth

Very unlikely the Q5 would be able to communicate with the T2P’s primary USB-C port, no driver. Maybe something could be worked out with the secondary USB-C(I2S) port of the T2P, but I wouldn’t have a clue how to go about or even know if it is possible.

Ultimately I think your objective will be better served by the Khadas HR BT Magic. Hopefully it comes to be sooner than later.