Quality loss with extension?


My device is a custom UPNP/DLNA Renderer.

I’m using the fantastic Tone 1 as the DAC.

My doubt is:

Can I extend analogue signals without worrying about quality loss?

The extension would be with a pair of high quality cables, at one end the male plug into the Tone’s jack and at the other end a panel mount jack soldered to the cable. Both high quality.

This cable would be very short, approximately 6 inches long.

Are there any studies or articles that could indicate a significant loss of quality in this scenario?

There are two reasons for the expansion:

  1. Random use: The device will be at some fairs and I will not be present at all. Numerous cables will be tested, plugging and unplugging will be constant. I already had problems with connectors soldered directly to the board in the past, I have a certain fear, especially because of the users who will perform this task.

  2. Design: In case of an upgrade to the Tone 2, changing the rear panel of the device would be a problem (cutting, electrostatic painting, serigraphy, etc).

Any help?

Thank you very much.

Hi @Mr_Kholl,

Yes you can extend the output with 6 inch cable and not incur any audio quality loss, only with much longer distances like > 3m you might need to consider drop in signal amplitude.


Awesome thank you very much!

Any plan to consider a maker version without the RCA in the future? (I mean direct soldering)

Unfortunately, I do not think so it will be sold in any such configuration.

Ok no problem, extension will work very well for me.

Thanks again.